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If you’ve tried everything on your own to try to lose weight, then you might want to look into a non-surgical weight loss program. Our doctor can discuss the details about the program and ensure that your health is at a point where this kind of help would be beneficial. If there are any medical conditions or concerns, then these will usually be addressed before you begin your weight loss journey.

There are some questions that you want to ask yourself before getting started. You also want to ensure that you’re in a good mental state for losing weight. If there have been issues in your past that have led to overeating, then you want to try to address these concerns either while you’re working with our doctor or before you start losing weight. Some of the issues that you’ve experienced could inhibit your weight loss as you might not be ready to change your diet or might not be to the point where you are able to exercise as you need to in order to lose weight.

Make notes about the goals that you have. Try to have a final weight in mind of where you want to be, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to reach that weight right away. Set a realistic goal of how much weight you want to lose each week or month. When you work with our doctor to design a comprehensive non-surgical weight loss plan, you’ll often use a combination of eating fewer calories and learning how to eat healthier foods, getting the support that you need from your family and friends, and increasing your fitness level.

If you plan on losing weight without surgery, then you’re going to need to get up and move. If there are issues that might keep you from moving like you need to, then you need to discuss these with a doctor so that the proper modifications can be made. You also need to be ready to throw away the junk food and the sodas as you’re going to need to introduce more protein along with fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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