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Lately, you’ve noticed a familiar but unwelcome pattern. You wake feeling sluggish, by midday you have a headache, and at night, you have little or no desire for intimacy. You try to eat healthy, but time doesn’t always allow for smart choices. Despair no more: at Quench Wellness in Chicago, Illinois, we offer a variety of IV vitamin infusions that can restore balance to your body and help you feel better sooner rather than later.


What Are IV Vitamin Infusions?

The easiest answer to this question is a therapy individually researched and optimized to deliver vitamins and minerals into your vein. This approach allows our carefully curated blends to bypass the unstable environment of your gut, and the unpredictable nature of digestion, for delivery to the bloodstream. That means the organs and tissues that most need these nutrients receive them without delay. Additionally, our infusions can support a healthy lifestyle and/or help you bounce back when you don’t feel 100 percent.


IV vitamin treatments can be used to improve skin health, relieve stress, and provide a general sense of well-being. Every day, the body is slammed with toxins that come from food, drinks, and the air. While human systems are designed to eliminate these toxins, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so in the face of stress, caring for homes and family members, and going to work. Overload commonly occurs, producing such symptoms as diarrhea, fatigue, and runny nose. These serve as signs the body needs a little help, and vitamin infusions can provide relief and rejuvenation.


A Look at the Benefits

Celebrities like John Legend and Cindy Crawford aren’t quiet when it comes to their appreciation of IV vitamin infusions. But make no mistake: these therapies aren’t just for Hollywood A-listers. People with the following health conditions commonly see benefits from vitamin infusions: 

  • Allergies
  • Muscle spasms
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Asthma
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Angina

It’s impossible to discuss the benefits of IV vitamin treatment without also talking about its efficiency. You already know nutrients enter directly into the bloodstream, but there’s more. This method allows your body to absorb higher levels of minerals and vitamins than if you ingested them from supplements or food. Increased nutrients in the bloodstream mean higher uptake into cells, and that in turn allows the body to fight illness and stay healthy.


Why Choose this Therapy?

The concept of delivering vitamins via IV infusions is not new. In the 1960s, Dr. John Myers developed a blend of vitamins and minerals and administered it to patients suffering from many different conditions. Since that time, supplement repletion has been found to speed recovery, enhance immunity, and improve hydration levels.

Similarly, our blends are part of a growing trend moving away from treating illness and toward preventative care. This means giving your body the nutrients it needs to optimize natural processes. IV vitamin treatments are potent enough that some cosmetic surgeons recommend them to ease patient pain. They are effective enough that some personal trainers incorporate them into their workouts to improve muscle recovery. Finally, they are safe enough that people with certain chronic medical conditions can still receive infusions.

These therapies are delivered in an individualized manner, meaning some patients will need two or three per month while others will need more regularly-scheduled supplements. Together, we can choose the delivery increment that is right for you


Different Kinds of IV Vitamin Therapies

We offer nine distinct IV vitamin infusions. Each is blended with targeted ingredients to revive your body and help relieve a specific ailment. We also offer a la carte options for some blends so you get the exact nutrients you need. For patients who want to host on-site pamper parties, special events, group gatherings, or corporate wellness events, we can help you coordinate with our individual vitamin blends.


Hangover Blend

If you’ve ever had a late night of drinking and talking, you know that sometimes, it’s easy to overindulge. Our Hangover Blend can help reverse the effects of headache, nausea, brain fog, and upset stomach. This restorative cocktail features quantities of B vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes.

Amino acids help the liver process alcohol more efficiently, while electrolytes help replace the salt and potassium your body loses when drinking. Even better, the Hangover Blend and our complimentary cucumber-infused spring water are a match made in heaven and together will help you feel hydrated and refreshed.


Performance Blend

When preparing for a big event, such as a marathon or other sporting competition, you know the importance of fueling your body with high-quality nutrients. Our Performance Blend can do just that and help with muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as post-workout pain. This combination can also optimize peak performance levels to help you reach your exercise goals.


How does Performance Blend works? It contains vitamins and minerals the body commonly loses during vigorous sport. This allows the body to maximize oxygen usage and minimize muscle fatigue. We recommend pairing this infusion with our organic coconut water, packed with potassium to help rejuvenate tired muscles. Or, you might opt to sip our organic turmeric tea, with its anti-inflammatory properties to recharge the body.


Jetsetter Blend

Don’t let traveling take its toll on a worn, depleted body. The minerals in our Jetsetter Blend can help stimulate blood flow and increase pre-travel energy levels. Or, if returning home, it can fight post-travel lassitude.

This mixture can even boost your immune system to help keep germs and bugs at bay. During your infusion, enjoy a cup of complimentary organic green tea. It’s loaded with caffeine and additional minerals to rev your internal motor and help you face the day ahead.


Boss Blend

Being a boss comes with lots of rewards, like leading the team to a deadline and seeing a project through to completion. But it’s also a position of stress, likely to leave you with poor concentration and low energy levels. Our Boss Blend can help you feel better than ever, with a powerful punch of antioxidants and cell-building ingredients. Take a break and revel in renewed vigor, especially when you choose to pair this therapy with a soothing cup of green tea.


Oasis Blend

Water is the source of life, but tell this to your tired body as you run from meeting to errand, put supper on the table, walk the dog, and help your kids with homework. Sometimes, getting the water you need is nearly impossible. Our Oasis Blend is here to help.

A full liter of saline can balance your body’s pH levels and help relieve symptoms like dry mouth, headache, fatigue, and dry skin; after, you’ll feel as serene as if you just returned from vacation. Complimentary additions can help relieve specific maladies, such as Pepcid for an upset stomach.


Immunity Blend

Feeling sluggish or experiencing repeated bouts of illness can be signs of immune system depletion. For this, we recommend our Immunity Blend, an elixir that can balance the effects of stress, poor nutrition, and sleep loss.

The hefty dose of vitamin C and zinc will kick your immune system into high gear and have you feeling better in no time. Other minerals contained within can help prevent illness and/or stop troubling symptoms like runny nose and congestion. For added wellness, sip our accompanying lemon tea.


Beauty Blend

We’ve long been told our skin is the body’s biggest organ. It only stands to reason that skincare requires the same diligence as caring for the heart or brain. But this can be a little tricky, especially in the throes of a harsh winter or sun-soaked summer.

Luckily, our Beauty Blend is chock-full of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids to battle against dry, dull skin and/or blemishes. It’s also helpful for nails and hair, making it a truly well-rounded serum. Sipping on our green tea will deliver antioxidants and improve circulation so you look and feel more beautiful than ever.


Headache Blend

Little in this world can bring you down like the pain of a headache. Whether you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, we have an IV vitamin treatment for you. It’s our Headache Blend, infused with a calming combination of vitamins and minerals designed to ease stress and pain. To compliment your therapy, enjoy a quiet cup of caffeinated, organic white tea.


Mini Oasis Blend

If you’re too busy for a full vitamin infusion, which generally takes between 30 and 45 minutes, we suggest scheduling our Mini Oasis Blend. It offers the same rejuvenating benefits as our full Oasis, but in less time to get you out the door and onto your next appointment. This quick pick-me-up is ideal if you’re on your way to work, need to get the kids, or simply want to enjoy some “me” time.


Slim & Trim Infusion

Shedding extra belly fat or toning your figure can be tough, even if you work out regularly. Our Slim & Trim Infusion features a proprietary blend of ingredients that can:

  • Burn stubborn fat stores
  • Improve circulation
  • Help control blood sugar
  • Detoxify the body
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Help balance female hormones

Keto Flu Blend

Keto flu refers to a series of symptoms that arise as the body transitions to the high-fat, low-carb regimen of the ketogenic diet. Such symptoms can include nausea, fatigue, and headaches – much like a real gastrointestinal bug. Our Keto Flu Blend helps combat these unwanted maladies, restore energy, and promote hydration. The end result is the aid you need to stick to your weight loss goals.


Just C

Vitamin C is known to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and aid the body’s natural defenses. Of course, this list is not all-inclusive, but it helps show you the many benefits this power-horse vitamin gives. Our Just C therapy delivers a simple boost of vitamin C without the added ingredients of Immunity Blend.


Boost Your Intimacy

Women once believed that having a rewarding career and a loving family meant sacrificing romance. But our exhilarating blend can refuel your body with important vitamins, minerals, and fluids. The result is increased blood flow to improve your feelings of pleasure – and stimulate desire. Men might also experience enhanced sperm quality so that the family you long for might be just around the corner.


Get Your First infusion

IV vitamin infusions offer a variety of benefits that can be slightly tweaked to accommodate personal preferences. Whether you need a dose of energy or want to up the stakes in your workout results, we have a blend that is sure to help. Call Quench Wellness in Chicago, Illinois, today to schedule your appointment. We also accept walk-ins and look forward to being a part of your healthy living regimen.