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You understand the basic mechanics of weight loss: you need to consume less fuel than your body burns. You try to eat less. You try to move more. But there are days you can’t force yourself to exercise. There are days you can’t force yourself to put down the spoon. You need professional help. At Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL, we believe passionately in helping our clients live life to the fullest. Today, we reveal what you can expect from a weight loss program to help you determine if it is right for you.

10 Things to Expect From a Weight Loss Program

1. One-on-One Health Coaching

Weight loss isn’t about seeing the number on the scale go down. It is about building better life habits by switching one habit for a sustainable, healthy habit. Changing habits one at a time will take time. However, this type of change is sustainable. It lays the foundation for a completely new way of life.

At Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL, we work with you one-on-one to learn about your food triggers, current eating habits and more. With this information, along with what you enjoy eating, we will educate you on health and help you identify a diet you can stick to and enjoy.

2. Community Support

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes, it takes a community for one person to lose weight. At Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL, we offer you an entire support system. Whether you need help making the right decision about what’s for dinner or you need some encouragement to go on your first run, we are here for you.

We know weight loss isn’t easy, and we don’t believe you should go through the journey alone. Support is critical for success. We provide the network you need to achieve lifelong success.

3. Keto Flu Relief Infusions

For many people, a low-carb diet is the best way to lose weight. Some people find a “paleo” diet more sustainable. Others find a “keto” diet more sustainable. Regardless, people who reduce their carbohydrate intake significantly enough may develop what is known as “keto flu”. Keto flu refers to a “condition” characterized by suffering from flu-like systems. This occurs as your body switches from burning glycogen for fuel to stored fat.

Our proprietary keto flu blend can banish symptoms of keto flu, including dehydration, muscle cramps, low energy, mental fog and headache. While you’re not suffering through the transition period, you can stick to your new diet, exercise efficiently and enjoy your new life.

4. Personal Training and Boutique Classes

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, expert help can take your workout routine and fitness level to the next level. Dr. Chantale will sit down with you to learn about your workout preferences, aesthetic goals, limitations and experience with exercise. Whether you haven’t exercised since P.E. in high school or you were the president of your university’s triathlon club, we will design a customized workout plan you can stick to and enjoy.

We also offer boutique classes to get you active in fun, sustainable ways. For example, we offer Zumba in the South Loop. Classes are $10 each and begin at 10 AM every Sunday.

5. Slim and Trim Vitamin Infusions

Besides infusions for keto flu relief, we also offer the Slim & Trim infusion. Whether you are looking to tone your figure or burn that last stubborn bit of fat from your stomach, this infusion can help you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals. Our proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients boosts your metabolism and elevates energy levels thanks to the essential B vitamins. This blend also helps your fat cells release pesky excess adipose tissue.

The Slim & Trim infusion also supports adequate circulatory flow, blood sugar regulation and healthy lymphatic system function to detoxify your body. This infusion is the perfect complement to regular exercise, a healthy diet and the lipotropic B12 fat metabolism boost. This infusion can also ease symptoms related to female hormone imbalance and combat seasonal affective disorder. You may also benefit from adding a glycine boost to enhance your focus and further support healthy blood sugar levels.

6. Nutrient Fuelings

When you crave fried chicken or a greasy hamburger, your body is usually low on iron. Such cravings can be quelled by eating alternative high-iron foods, such as black beans or spinach. When you’re craving a salty snack, like pretzels or popcorn, there’s an excellent chance that your body is low on sodium. You may also be dehydrated. To quell such cravings, you only need to hydrate your body. When eaten in moderation, cheese is an excellent high-sodium alternative.

7. Lean B Fat Burning Shots

There are eight essential B vitamins. These vitamins are necessary for the adequate function of several systems, including your musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system and nervous system. If your body doesn’t have adequate levels of B vitamins, you may notice several symptoms, including weight gain, inability to focus, memory loss and lethargy.

Lipotropic B12 Fat Metabolism Boost

We proudly offer a lipotropic B12 fat metabolism boost. This is administered via intramuscular, or IM, injection. This fat-burning shot revs your metabolism for 72 hours. Other benefits include a propensity to burn fat for fuel, improved immune and liver function and increased energy. In other words, your body will choose to burn more fat for fuel than carbs. Moreover, thanks to the revved metabolism, your body will burn more calories over the following 72 hours than it would have without the booster.

However, because your energy is also boosted, you may find that you exercise just a little harder. Any additional exercise you perform in the three days after treatment will only compound the benefits of the booster. If you have stubborn pockets of fat attached to your hips, inner thighs, buttocks, neck or stomach, you may find regular injections with this booster can help you perfect your aesthetic.

8. Comprehensive Health Screening

Sometimes, weight gain is caused by imbalanced hormone levels or another medical condition. Before you begin your final weight loss journey with Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL, you will undergo a comprehensive health screening. This allows us to identify any undiagnosed underlying medical conditions. This will tell us if you need to follow a particular diet or your workout plan needs an extra special tweak.

If there’s a chance your weight gain was triggered by a medical condition, we may be able to treat the root cause of your weight gain. For example, if you gained weight due to hormone imbalance, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Your hormone levels may be imbalanced if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained abdominal weight gain
  • Lethargy
  • Disinterest in sex
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes
  • Excessive nighttime urination
  • Muscle loss
  • Hair loss


9. Challenges

Are you a Type A individual struggling to lose weight? If you are, a medically supervised weight loss program may be just what the doctor ordered. On your weight loss journey, you will experience periods where you maintain weight for weeks at a time before your body decides to release the fat. This is known as the “woosh” effect and can drive people to quit before they see the weight come off.

We hate to see people give up, especially when they are so close to hard-earned success. We know that challenges often push people to do greater things than they thought they were capable of doing. That’s why we offer our clients fitness challenges, so they can see their improvements even if the scale doesn’t move one week. If you hate agility, strength, speed or endurance exercises, you may find a challenge is just what you need to shift your mindset and improve your quality of life.

10. Results

The results derived from participating in a medical weight loss program will vary from person to person. However, if you follow your program honestly, you can expect to lose between three and five pounds in your first week. A lot of this will be water weight. But you can easily expect to lose one to two pounds of bona fide fat after your first week.

Health Benefits

If your general physician recommended weight loss for you, he probably didn’t care about the number on the scale. Doctors often use your BMI (body mass index) to identify your degree of risk of developing dangerous medical conditions. These medical conditions include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke and joint pain.

After a month of sticking to a medical weight loss plan, you will find that your friends and family notice improvements in your body image. After two to three months, you will start to see these changes yourself. These changes mean you are losing fat, building muscle or both. This is excellent for your health. Over time, you can also reverse type 2 diabetes, alleviate hip and knee pain, lower your blood pressure and bring your bad cholesterol down to a healthy level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss

Can I Cut and Bulk at the Same Time?

One of the most common weight-loss misconceptions we hear is that you can’t burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. People who believe this are correct in their understanding that you have to eat at a caloric deficit to lose weight.

What they weren’t adequately taught in school is that only two things need to be true to build muscle. First, you must push the targeted muscle past its breaking point so it can rebuild stronger. Second, your muscles need protein. With the right nutritional plan, it is absolutely possible to eat at a caloric deficit for fat loss while consuming enough protein to grow muscles.

Can I Lose 30 Pounds in Just 30 Days?

It seems that every summer there is a new magazine promoting a new diet promising you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days. This just isn’t realistic. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. Your body can only use 35.1 calories per pound of fat daily for fuel. If you have 30 pounds of excess body fat, your total fat mass is probably around 50 pounds.

You have more than enough stored fat for your body to consume for fuel to pull off a 30-pound fat loss in 30 days. However, you probably only burn between 1,200 and 2,000 calories per day. To achieve a pound of weight loss daily, even if you didn’t eat, you would need to exercise long enough to burn between 1,500 and 2,300 extra calories on top of your daily life activities. Even if you had time for this, your body couldn’t sustain it for 30 consecutive days.

Learn More About Medical Weight Loss Today

Do you need professional help to achieve your ideal weight? Are you ready to live your happiest, healthiest life? If you are, we can help. To book an appointment, contact us today at Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL. If you’re interested in our weight loss program, we invite you to complete our free wellness check-in assessment.