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Summer is slowly reaching an end. As shadows grow longer, the prevalence of lowered immune function will be sweeping the nation. Before we know it, colds, viruses, and flus will have our friends, family, and coworkers begging for relief from the misery these pathogens can bring. To avoid these problems, we need to start thinking about boosting our immune system’s ability to protect us from these common ailments. Fortunately, there are quite a few steps a person can take to build their immune system and improve its ability to fight back.

Vitamin D3

There is a major reason why people start getting sick as summer comes to an end and the weather gets colder. In most parts of the country it has to do with poor sun exposure and vitamin D3 production. By simply taking vitamin D3 throughout these troubling months, many people will find their immune system combats flus and infections far easier.


The majority of your immune system is contained in your gut. When it comes to building your immune function, adding a medical-grade probiotic supplement to your immune boosting regimen can work wonders. This step helps your immune system to maintain control in your intestines and ensures that your body can easily remove harmful pathogens and address other complications too.

Avoid Smoking

Colds and infections can be harsh on your respiratory health. If your lungs are compromised, your immune system is going to have a far more difficult problem keeping infections down. If you want a healthy immune system and strong lung function to boot, then it is time to consider giving up the cigarettes that undermine your body’s ability to remain healthy. Additionally, smoke inhalation can create other problems that helps to reduce immune function.

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