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When you need a boost delivered straight to your veins, IV treatment is generally the best option. It can be administered right in our office and does not require a medical diagnosis. There are quite a few benefits to receiving IV treatment.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Many nutrients and vitamins can be delivered through an IV treatment. It is also an excellent way to purge yourself of any toxins that may be present in your body due to exercise. An IV drip will flush those toxins away and reverse any dehydration that may have resulted.

Another benefit is maintaining the health of your body’s tissues and muscles. Within the IV drip are also amino acids. This is what helps your muscles and other parts of your body recover from any physical stress placed on them.

Overall, your athletic performances can be greatly improved as a result of IV therapy. Including it in your pre and post workout sessions is one way to keep your body in excellent shape. It is also an effective way to recover quickly after participating in an athletic competition. Whether you are a professional athlete or just consider it a hobby, IV therapy is equally effective.

General Health Improvement

Even if you are not an athlete you can benefit from IV therapy. The main reason for this is that it enhances both physical and emotional health. Fatigue and low energy are two examples of what IV therapy can provide relief for. Mental clarity often comes from physical wellness, something that not everyone realizes. By infusing your body with nutrients and vitamins, your mental health gets an instant boost. You may also find that you don’t get sick as much as you would have otherwise.

Receiving IV treatment leads to higher levels of energy, provides you with a stronger immune system and helps combat fatigue. It also improves migraine symptoms and provides you with the hydration you need.

Beauty Treatments

Your physical appearance can also benefit from IV therapy. It can be the best way to get antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients into your body to improve the health of your skin. Free radicals are chased away by the antioxidants, which means your skin will age slower than it would otherwise. You can cut down on the likelihood of wrinkles later in life by undergoing IV treatment. It can also repair sun damaged skin.


To undergo IV therapy that will benefit you in multiple ways, speak with the professionals at Quench Wellness in Chicago. We will answer all of your questions and address any concerns that arise during your visit. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!