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As you are considering ways to reach your highest level of wellness in years, you may run across the importance of vitamins for building up your body’s strength and wellness. Vitamins are called essential nutrients because your body must have them to function properly and well. They let each of your cells function, help to create energy for you, make necessary repairs around your body and help you stay healthy even when you are surrounded by germs. There are many vitamins as well as other essential nutrients that are similar to vitamins, and there are also a variety of ways that you can get these nutrients into your body, including intravenous vitamin therapy right here at Quench Wellness.

You may believe that you can get all the vitamins that you need from the food you eat. However, you should first know several key facts about vitamins. First of all, some of them can be stored in your body; others need to be consumed in adequate quantities every day because your body readily excretes them. Secondly, to get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need from food, you would have to eat a perfectly well-rounded diet every single day. This is because some vitamins are only found in a handful of foods. Not to mention, your body may not be prepared to get all of the vitamins it needs from your foods because it may not be able to properly break down each food.

What is Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

This is where intravenous vitamin therapy can come into play. With this method of vitamin delivery, your body does not have to do any of the extra work of breaking down food into all of its integral nutrients. Instead, the vitamins are already in purified form and are just waiting for the bloodstream to deliver them to the necessary cells. With intravenous vitamin therapy at our office, pure vitamins are placed directly into the bloodstream over a short period of time. You will be able to notice an immediate and usually powerful response from them. While oral vitamins that you take may only be 50 percent absorbed by your body, research shows that IV vitamins can be absorbed by up to 90 percent in many cases.

When you receive intravenous vitamin therapy in Chicago, IL, you will first have a narrow IV placed into an easily accessible area. Once it is in place, the IV infusion will be slowly dripped into your body during the in-office treatment session.

Who Really Needs Extra Vitamins?

If you are thinking that you do not need extra vitamins, you may be surprised to learn just how much your body actually needs them. Vitamins can be given effectively by IV for a variety of conditions. One of the most frequent reasons that we see people asking for them is to treat fatigue and a generally run-down body. People with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia often respond amazingly well to intravenous vitamin therapy. However, vitamins are also powerful antidotes to many types of discomfort around the body, such as muscle aches and spasms. These treatments have shown good success in creating healthy skin, hair and nails and in rehydrating the body. While you initially may not think that these IV cocktails are worth the cost, you may be surprised to find out just how much better you can feel for such a small investment.

The Hangover Blend

Did you have too much to drink last night? If so, you may do well with our special Hangover Blend that includes a variety of electrolytes that will help you bounce back quickly from your late night and will give your depleted body exactly what it needs to function well in the next few days. It also includes a cocktail of B vitamins that are widely regarded for their high energy content as well as amino acids, which are building blocks for repairing your body’s cells. We recommend that you take this blend along with our special cucumber-infused water. The Hangover Blend costs $199.

The Performance Blend

The Performance Blend helps your body to strengthen and energize itself if you are planning on asking it to do over and above what you normally do. For example, if you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition or planning on running a marathon, this blend of vitamins and nutrients will replenish your hard-working body. We recommend using this $189 infusion with our coconut water or turmeric tea.

The Jetsetter Blend

If you are constantly on the go, your body may be feeling run-down, and you may be feeling as if you are running on empty. You can get the pep back in your step with our Jetsetter Blend that pairs incredibly well with our green tea that jumpstarts your metabolism. The $159 Jetsetter Blend is great for boosting your immunity, which can often diminish if you are frequently on airplanes. It can also boost your energy levels if you have not been getting the sleep that you need.

The Boss Blend

Another great blend to pair with energy-improving green tea is our Boss Blend, which is perfect for you if you have a high-powered job that leaves you feeling run-down and tired by the end of the day. This blend also includes antioxidants to renew your body’s cells and take control of dangerous free radicals that may be roaming around in your body just waiting to cause sickness or disease. This is a $159 blend to repair your body.

The Oasis Blend

If you just need the refreshment that you get from drinking lots of water but are finding it difficult to meet your goals each day, the $139 Oasis Blend may be the perfect choice for you. With this blend, you receive a liter of normal saline, which is the perfect mixture for hydrating your cells and restoring proper mineral balance. We will also add an addition of a single medication to your saline. You can choose from toradol to combat any aches you may be feeling, zofran to help with nausea or Pepcid to calm your stomach.

The Immunity Blend

If you have been getting sick quite often lately or your body just generally feels off, our special Immunity Blend at Quench Wellness can give you the disease-fighting boost that you need. This is the perfect option if you have had a cold or cough that just will not leave, if stress has gotten your body feeling down or if you have not been getting the sleep that your immune system needs. This $209 blend is given with green tea that is infused with organic echinacea.

The Beauty Blend

Our Beauty Blend is specially formulated for your skin and hair. Whether it is winter and your skin is looking particularly dry or it is summer and you are suffering from breakouts, our antioxidant-rich formulation with enzymes can help your skin appear smooth and toned while giving you back your glow. This blend costs $209.

The Headache Blend

Headaches can be caused by a number of problems, including stress. You may also suffering from migraines. Our special Headache Blend at Quench Wellness can soothe away your aching head and leave you feeling your best. We mix special minerals and antioxidants to create a calming effect that will stop the pounding in your head and the tension in your neck and shoulders. This blend costs $149

How Often Do You Need Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

IV vitamins can be given as a one-time dose if you have a single issue. However, most people do well receiving these infusions in cycles. We may help you receive up to six cyclical treatments with two IV infusions given every week if your body is in a particularly depleted state. However, if you respond quite well to your first treatment, you may only need a maintenance dose once per month to feel your best. It all depends on the unique case. We can provide add-ons to many of our treatments, including vitamin B12, glutathione, ALA, taurine or glycine.

Our goal at Quench Wellness is to help you feel your best. You may benefit amazingly from a well-timed dose of intravenous vitamin therapy. This is an easy, affordable way to feel 100 percent and to regain your energy, your immunity, your healthy skin and/or your overall sense of vibrancy.

If you have been feeling down or fatigued or if you have noticed that your health is not what it once was, we encourage you to set up a time to stop in to Quench Wellness. We would love to help you find the answer to all of your body’s needs and your wellness goals. We are conveniently located in Chicago, IL and proudly serve clients throughout the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book a consultation and get started.