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Imagine receiving all of the nutrients that your body needs in a simple visit to our office. No longer would you have to worry about fitting in all of the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins into your diet. You’d have everything you need and feel incredible because of it. Your busy life could be made just that much simpler without having to worry about something like nutrition and diet. That’s what IV therapy offers.

What is IV Therapy?

Typically, you receive your nutrients through your diet. Your liver and kidneys sort out the good stuff from the rest of the stuff, and your body utilizes it to feed your cells. Because the body does not run efficiently, some of those nutrients can be lost during the digestive process. As such, while you think that you may have received your daily intake of the required nutrients, that may not actually be the case.

You may start to notice that you suffer from low energy or find yourself becoming sick far easier than you should otherwise. IV therapy is a way to skip the digestive process altogether. At our office, you simply choose what IV therapy you want to undergo, and then relax while an IV is placed in your arm. The session itself takes only minutes while the nutrients are transferred directly into your bloodstream.

The cells receive the energy and food that they need to perform their jobs, and you’re done not long after that. That’s all it takes to feed your cells and improve your health. This incredibly convenient therapy can boost your health in a series of different ways.

Different Health Boosts

There are many different cocktails that can be crafted with various minerals and vitamins to offer up different health boosts. For example, one that is aimed at boosting your immune system is typically loaded up with vitamin C and other immune-aiding nutrients.

Another cocktail that people can benefit from is reserved for hangovers. Instead of just trying to struggle through the day or taking medication, you can actually have an IV that is designed to hydrate your body and flush out the remaining toxicity in your blood. You can feel remarkably better after the therapy is over.

Clearly, there are many cocktails and benefits that you can choose from when you opt for IV therapy at Quench Wellness in Chicago. Contact our office today to book an appointment and get started!